Publishing Principles

At Semper, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable, and accurate information tailored to the hospitality industry. Our publishing principles ensure that every piece of content we produce adheres to the highest standards of integrity and excellence, aligning with our commitment to providing comprehensive business solutions for hospitality enterprises.


Industry Insights: We prioritize content created by individuals with firsthand experience in the hospitality industry. Our articles and guides are enriched with insights from experienced owners, managers, and staff of hotels, guest houses, and other accommodation providers.

User Contributions:
We value the experiences of our readers and often include their stories and testimonials, with their permission, to provide diverse and practical perspectives.


Verified Information:
We ensure that all content is double-checked for accuracy. Facts are verified, and sources are included with links to reputable references.
Regular Contributors: In addition to guest experts, we have our own regular contributors who provide specialized knowledge and insights into various aspects of the hospitality industry.


Highest Standards: We adhere to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our content is crafted to support the professional development and operational success of hospitality enterprises.

Comprehensive Solutions:
Semper’s content reflects our mission to offer a complete and integrated solution for the needs of businesses in the hospitality industry. We align our principles with general hospitality and tourism guidelines.


We maintain transparency in our content creation process. Readers can trust that our information is accurate, well-sourced, and updated regularly.

Corrections and Updates:
We welcome feedback from our readers. If any inaccuracies are found, readers can contact us, and we will promptly correct and update the content.

Commitment to the Hospitality Industry

Supporting Professionals:
Our content is designed to support the owners, managers, and staff of hotels, guest houses, and other accommodation providers in their day-to-day management and operations.

Ethical Standards:
We adhere to the ethical standards and guidelines of the hospitality and tourism industry, ensuring that our content is not only useful but also ethically sound.

By following these principles, Semper strives to be a trusted resource for professionals in the hospitality industry, helping them achieve operational excellence and business success.