Add Great Value to your Business

By becoming a partner of Semper, you will be able to offer a complete operating system at a low cost entry point and low cost of sale. There is a huge demand and limited competition at the same level, which means great value for money for clients and easy sales for you. Our strategy is to grow with our agents and to stay ahead of the demands of the industry.

If you are interested, being an agent or reseller for Semper will take your business to the next level. Semper does not charge reseller or agent fees. Instead, you are supported and incentivised from the moment you sell your first product. It’s simple: agents are key to our growth. We are expanding all the time and our software is spreading to more and more Sub-Saharan African countries, and to Europe, replacing more expensive, less functional Property Management Systems as we grow. Our agents are fully supported with the right marketing and sales tools, ongoing training and 24/7 support. Remember this: you retain 100% of the income from installation, set up and training fees when you sell the Semper system.

These are the key benefits of becoming a Semper agent:

  • Healthy commissions and excellent monthly recurring income
  • More than 20 year track record
  • Lead generating campaigns by Semper
  • Semper does targeted marketing in your region and generates the leads for you
  • Semper empowers you with marketing and sales tools
  • Semper provides you with sales training
  • No support overheads for you
  • You don’t have to buy the software in order to sell it

Would you like more information on how to become an Agent/Reseller?

Contact us today and you could become an Agent/Reseller for Semper